Settlement Funding Offered to Retired Players and Attorneys in Historic NFL Concussion Settlement

RD Legal Funding is offering post-settlement advances to retired National Football League (NFL) players who recently settled a case regarding concussions in the NFL. If you are a member of the settling class, it is important to be aware that only half of the settlement is being disbursed within the next three years. The other half will be paid out over the next twenty years. If you have an immediate need for the money from your settlement award, please contact us to learn more about our NFL concussion settlement funding solutions.

Retired football players brought a suit against the NFL, claiming that the league hid the dangers of head trauma, and even encouraged continued game play amongst players who had suffered devastating hits. The NFL settled the case for $765 million. The settlement funds will be divided between compensation, funding for research, and medical tests. Some of these funds will also be used to advertise the settlement details.

According to recent news reports, the NFL has agreed to pay the attorney fees for this case, though we are still able to provide funding to attorneys for this settlement and for other settlements that are subject to payment delays, once a settlement agreement has been signed by both parties.

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RD Legal Funding is a leading provider of post-settlement financing solutions to attorneys and plaintiff clients. The firm was founded in 1998 by Roni Dersovitz, a practicing plaintiff’s attorney who realized traditional financial products underserved lawyers working on a contingency fee basis. Over the past decade and a half, RD Legal has grown to become one of the most respected companies in the lawsuit funding space. 

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