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The Secret of Success

What's the secret of success for today's fastest-growing law practices? It's not only how they manage their cases. It's how they manage their cash. For over a decade, RD Legal Funding has delivered proven financial tools that allow plaintiff's attorneys to expand their caseload and boost their bottom line. All with no upfront costs and no monthly interest payments.

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Attorney Fee Acceleration

Our proprietary program that converts settled cases into immediate cash. No more waiting for slow-paying defendants, administrative delays, or court approvals.

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Attorney's Line of Credit

At RD Legal Funding, there's no credit crisis! We are ready and able to deliver the affordable line of credit you need. Lines up to $10 million or more.

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Plaintiff Settlement Funding

Are you a plaintiff with a settled case, but tired of waiting to get paid? RD Legal now offers non-recourse post-settlement funding to plaintiffs.

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