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About RD Legal Funding:
A unique understanding of your financial needs

RD Legal Funding was born out of the real world experiences of former litigator Roni Dersovitz. As a practicing plaintiff's attorney, Mr. Dersovitz realized that the key to his firm's success depended not only on how he handled his cases, but also on how he handled his cash. However, he found he was constantly facing cash flow issues that his bank did not understand and could not address with existing products.

Mr. Dersovitz recognized that cash flow challenges were not unique to his practice. He founded RD Legal Funding in 1998, specifically to develop financial programs tailored to meet the needs of plantiff's contingency firms - beginning with the pioneering Fee Acceleration program. Later, a flexible and popular Attorney's Line of Credit product was introduced.

Over more than a decade, our company has grown to become recognized as a nationwide leader in providing financial solutions to the legal industry. We have worked with firms of every size and financed virtually every type of case. RD Legal Funding offers:

Financial stability, reliable rates

While banks and other lenders make it harder and more expensive to get funds, RD Legal Funding is actively financing law firms throughout the U.S. We are ready and able to provide the full funding amounts for which you qualify. Our clients rely on us for stable rates, easy-to-understand terms, and a simple, no-hassle application process.

Guidance to maximize success

We work closely with our clients, providing them with not just funding, but also the knowledge to use it most effectively. Our legal financing experts can offer guidance on "smart leveraging" strategies to expand your caseloads and build your bottom line. For examples, see our Case Studies.

Easy, fast application process

Unlike many legal funding firms, we offer a high level of transparency in our programs and fees. Our application process is fast and hassle-free. Our helpful staff is always happy to answer any questions and quickly respond to any needs. We are proud that clients frequently state that our hands-on service far exceeds what they have experienced with other lenders.

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