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Attorney's Line of Credit:
The resources you need, when you need them

An Attorney's Line of Credit from RD Legal Funding provides the financial flexibility you need to maximize cash flow and take advantage of growth opportunities. To review some historical examples of why our Attorney's Line of Credit makes smart business sense, visit our case study section.

Attractive terms

Unlike banks and many competitors, RD Legal Funding is ready and able to deliver the full credit line you need - from $500,000 up to $10 million or more.

Lines up to $10 million

Interest accrues only on outstanding funds. In many cases, interest expenses can be passed on as a case-related expenditure.

Use for any purpose

Feel free to tap into your line of credit at any time to:

  • Smooth out irregular cash flow
  • Keep pace with well-funded defense teams
  • Retain top experts
  • Meet salary expenses
  • Increase advertising
  • Pay for any litigation or practice-related expense

Stable resources you can rely on

In the current volatile economy, RD Legal Funding's clients have come to count on us for reliable financing with stable rates.

Easy to apply for, easy to understand

If you have experienced long, complex applications and hard-to-follow payment terms with competitive companies, you will be pleased with our simple, no-hassle process, and high level of transparency with easy-to-understand terms.

Who can qualify?

Our credit lines are available to select, well-established firms:

  • Principal partners in practice for at least 5 years
  • Comprised of multiple attorneys (single-owner firms may also qualify)
  • Average $1.0 million in net fee revenues over the last 4 years

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