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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Fee Acceleration

How much does Fee Acceleration cost?
Clients are often pleasantly surprised by the low cost of our Fee Acceleration product. Cost is determined by the length of time you use the funds and the absolute dollar amount of the legal fees being purchased. There are no additional upfront fees.
How much can I receive?
We fund fees from $20,000 to $20 million or more. We can also fund partial fees. In some cases, we initially purchase a portion of a fee, then later, when additional funds are needed by the lawyer, we can purchase the remainder of the fee.
How is your Fee Acceleration Program different from a bank loan?
Banks require long application forms and intrusive credit analysis. We don't. Banks often take significant time to process your loan request, with many people reviewing your application and your finances. Our application is short and our approval process is simple and quick.

Unlike a bank loan, you make no principal or interest payments on our funds and incur no costs until your legal fee is paid. Nor do we place any restrictions on how you spend the funds. You have total flexibility to manage your money, your practice, and your personal finances as you see fit.
How long is the Fee Acceleration process?
New clients are funded in 5-10 working days. For existing clients, the process is even quicker.
What if I already have a loan from someone else?
An existing loan is rarely an obstacle. If your bank or lender has filed a UCC lien, we typically can still provide you funding.
Can you fund legal fees before the case is settled?
Yes - if you have a binding high-low agreement. All we require is a written agreement that allows us to determine the minimum legal fee that your firm will collect.

FAQs: Attorney's Line of Credit

Don't only troubled companies use lines of credit?
Not at all! Irregular cash flow is the nature of business for plaintiff's attorneys. The smartest, fastest-growing firms in the U.S. take advantage of our flexible lines to manage their cash and fund growth. To review some real-world examples of why our Attorney's Line of Credit makes smart business sense, visit our case study section.
Why can't I just get a line of credit from my bank?
Banks don't understand the value of your case inventory. We do. So while it is possible that a bank may extend a line of credit, it will often be significantly smaller than a line of credit from RD Legal Funding.
Why borrow when I can just use my own money?
From corporate CFO's to professional money managers, financial experts know that the best way to maximum profitability is to use other people's money. This financial leverage, used properly, is the most effective way to achieve the highest returns. For plaintiff's attorneys, a line of credit allows you to take on more cases, and realize the potential of your current cases. For successful attorneys, the additional income earned is far greater than the cost of the money financed.
How large a line of credit may I qualify for?
While every situation is different, we typically consider factors such as years of experience, average annual revenues, case growth, and case composition.
How do I know whether I can pass the interest expense through to my clients?
In most states, attorneys may treat interest expense just like any other reimbursable expense. We can help you determine the policy in your state.
Can I open a line of credit against individual cases?
Lines of credit are made based upon an evaluation of the firm's overall portfolio of cases. If you have a settled case or cases, you can obtain funds through our very popular Fee Acceleration product.
Can I qualify if I already fund settlements with RD Legal Funding?
Yes. You may qualify for a line of credit and continue to fund settled cases with us, thereby further increasing your firm's potential for growth.

FAQs: Plaintiff Post-Settlement Funding

Who needs plaintiff post-settlement funding?
If your case has already reached a settlement, but you're still waiting for your award to payout, you are the perfect candidate for plaintiff post-settlement funding.
If my case has already settled, why would I need your service? Won't I just receive a check after my lawsuit settles or a verdict is reached?
In a perfect world, our post-settlement advances would not be necessary. Your case would settle and you would get paid shortly thereafter. However, many cases, especially personal injury and class actions, have a lengthy delay between time of settlement and actual payout. Our plaintiff funding was specifically designed to bridge this gap.
Do you provide funding on cases that have not settled?
Generally we do not. We focus exclusively on providing post-settlement advances and do not provide pre-settlement financing at this time. The only exception would be if you have a binding high-low agreement in place and can prove a minimum award amount you will receive.
How much can I receive?
Our minimum advance is $53,000. The maximum we can fund is $20 million.
How much does plaintiff funding cost?
Our clients are generally pleasantly surprised by the low cost of plaintiff funding. The cost is determined by the dollar amount being advanced and the length of time the funds are outstanding. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments.
How long will it take to receive funding?
Once we receive the necessary documentation, we can usually wire you funds within several days.
What if I have a loan from someone else?
An existing loan is generally not a problem. If your bank or lending institution has filed a UCC lien, we can often still provide you with funding.
Can I qualify for plaintiff settlement funding if I have bad credit?
Absolutely. Our plaintiff funding is not a loan and is therefore not contingent on your credit score or employment.

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