The Basics of Litigation Funding

date: 06/27/2012

This article on Martindale goes into great detail about the specifics people want to know about litigation funding. The article is written by Christopher Coffin of Withers Worldwide Connecticut office. He describes the different ways cases are funded in the legal system.
Christopher breaks down the information in categories such as litigation costs in England and Wales, the costs of litigation, finding options for litigation costs, and many others. He even describes different insurance options and third party funding in the article.
This is a great informational article and it would help any legal professional who is seeking to enter into law or is already practicing it. Law firms are going through a tough time with clients demanding more transparent accounting of their costs. Some clients are even looking to go to a flat fee system, which could mean less money that is being generated by the firm.
This new way of financing may be able to help firms prepare for a change in the legal industry. This article can help law students as well prepare for a new development that seems to be getting more popular by the day in the legal industry: litigation funding.

About the Author:

Lulaine Compere is a writer and research analyst for RD Legal Funding, a post-settlement funding company with offices in New Jersey and California.

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