Shailendra Settles Lawsuits with Angry Investors

date: 09/14/2012

According to the Daily Report Online, M. “Shi” Shailendra is settling lawsuits with angry investors who say their money was misallocated for $400,000. M. Shi Shailendra is a big time real estate developer in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Shailendra is currently waist deep in litigation. In April 2012, Shailendra was ordered by arbitrators to pay $3,250,000 in punitive damages. In previous cases, Shailendra and his attorneys at the time, Holland & Knight, were sued for similar accusations of fraud and legal malpractice. In Los Angeles, a jury awarded investors $34.5 million after the lawsuit was brought against the firm. The investors in that case alleged Holland& Knight knew about Shailendra’s actions and were protecting him.

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