RD Legal Funding Offers Settlement Financing to Whistleblowers

date: 08/14/2012

Cresskill, NJ: Whistleblowers face a tough predicament. They are praised for their bravery in exposing corruption, yet are often viewed by their peers as unscrupulous individuals who betrayed their friends. Simply put, a whistleblower is a person who saw wrong and tried to make it right by revealing misconduct to the public and the proper authorities.
As time went on, people realized just how important a whistleblower’s role was in society and the importance of protecting them. This is evident in such cases as the United States versus Big Tobacco, the Enron cases, and most recently, many of the financial cases that have gone to trial. It is a whistleblower who has shouldered the burden and put their lives in jeopardy to protect society. RD Legal Funding, LLC (“RD Legal”) understands the vital role of whistleblowers and is prepared to help by providing them with post-settlement advances on their awards.

When whistleblowers are discovered, they are frequently ostracized in their workplace. This often forces them to leave work, which can have a major impact on their finances. There are some whistleblowers that have gone bankrupt because of their loss of work and subsequent blacklisting throughout their field of expertise.
Famous whistleblowers like Jeffrey Wigand and Bunnatine H. Greenhouse saw their lives severely altered when they took that giant step to expose corruption in their respective industries. Their livelihoods would never again be the same, and with the length of the cases, it took years for justice to be served.  For a whistleblower, this time period can be the hardest. RD Legal understands the situation and can help by advancing a portion of the settlement award before it actually pays out.

RD Legal can provide whistleblowers with interim post-settlement funding, which provides immediate capital on settlements. Legal financing does not require any kind of payments until the fee is paid; there are no monthly interest or principal payments, no upfront points or fees. Once the necessary documentation is received, RD Legal can wire funds within several days. RD Legal provides personalized service and quick turnaround. For more information about their post-settlement funding solutions, please visit http://www.legalfunding.com or call them at 1-800-565-5177.

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