Litigation Funding In Poland

date: 08/23/2012

A report was written in November 2011 by Magdalena Tulibacka, who is co-editor of the Globalization of Class Actions, and Radoslaw Goral who is currently at Stanford Law School where he is researching third party litigation funding. The study is about the growth of litigation funding in Poland and how certain cases which have become class actions helped the industry grow.
It is interesting the way the lawyers negotiated how they are going to get paid and how Polish law prevented the arrangement the lawyers made with the plaintiffs in assessing their fees. In addition, the state treasury is the third largest litigation funding company in the country.

The study finishes with possible opportunities for third party litigation growth away from the government like commercial litigation funding. They also mention the increase of before the event (BTE) insurance in Poland, which in litigation funding circles is known as a British phenomenon.

Lulaine Compere is a writer and research analyst for RD Legal Funding, LLC, a leading provider of post-settlement litigation funding solutions to attorneys and their clients.

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