How Ohio Got Litigation Funding

date: 06/29/2012

Ohio, like a few other states, was ground zero in the fight against litigation funding. In the last decade, as more people in the United States legal community became familiar with the practice, there was a backlash from some states, which included pro-tort reform groups and some consumer groups, against litigation funding. There were also court cases in places like Michigan where decisions went against the funding companies.
There was no state that battled against litigation funding harder than Ohio. Both sides were unrelenting in pushing their arguments. It took a Supreme Court ruling and some convincing by the funding companies for the Ohio state government to sign into law litigation funding. Former Governor Ted Strickland signed House Bill 248 into law, which legalized litigation funding in Ohio.

About the Author:

Lulaine Compere is a writer and research analyst for RD Legal Funding, a leading provider of litigation finance solutions to attorneys.

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